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BEPREP Network


Sister project

BCOMING is a Horizon Europe project that aims to co-construct innovations with all stakeholders in biodiversity hotspots (Guinea/Ivory Coast, Cambodia and Guadeloupe) to reduce the risk of infectious disease emergence through biodiversity conservation and zoonotic disease surveillance.

Associated project


MERLIN will capitalise on successful freshwater restoration projects across Europe. Success factors of 17 flagship projects will be scrutinized, generating a blueprint for proficient NbS implementation. With investments of 10 mio € in hands-on upscaling measures along scalability plans, MERLIN will transform these projects into beacons of innovation for systemic change. Upscaling to the European level, MERLIN will identify landscapes with high potential for transformative restoration and will analyse cost-benefits of restoration scenarios. Economic analyses of European regions will seize green growth opportunities arising from restoration. MERLIN will delineate models for private investment into restoration alongside public funding. MERLIN’s initiatives will co-design win-win solutions with economic sectors (agriculture, water supply, insurance, navigation), and local communities, spearheading systemic economic, social and environmental change.

Associated project

SUPERB: Upscaling forest restoration. SUPERB (Systemic solutions for upscaling of urgent ecosystem restoration for forest-related biodiversity and ecosystem services) is a €20 million project funded by the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under the EU Green Deal to restore vast areas of forest landscape across Europe. By linking practical and scientific knowledge in a multi-stakeholder network, SUPERB creates transformative change towards large-scale restoration. With 36 partners in 16 countries, led by the European Forest Institute and co-coordinated by Wageningen Environmental Research, SUPERB carries out restoration in 12 large-scale demonstration areas that represent a diversity of stressors on European forests, a wide range of necessary restoration needs, different socio-ecological systems and the manifold needs for ecosystem goods and services.

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